Observe Snowflakes

observe snowflakes

Investigate the many shapes and sizes of snowflakes with a magnifying glass.

What You Need

  • Black construction paper
  • Magnifying glass
  • Snowflakes

What You Do

  1. Freeze paper.
    Freeze a piece of black construction paper.
  2. Gather snow.
    Let some snow fall on the paper.
  3. Look at the flakes with a magnifying glass.
    Here are some cool facts about snowflakes:

    • Snowflakes are made up of tiny bits of ice called crystals.
    • These crystals grow around tiny bits of dust in the clouds.
    • When these crystals stick to each other, they become snowflakes. Some snowflakes have as many as 200 crystals.
    • Snowflakes come in many different shapes. Some look round like plates; others look pointy like stars.

observe snowflakes