Perform Campfire Skits

Perform skits at your next campfire and you’ll see a whole new side of your kids!

What You Need

  • Bucket of water
  • Campfire
  • Flashlights
  • Skit scripts

What You Do

  1. Find a campfire skit script that suits the age group of the participants
    If you search on the internet for “campfire skits,” you will find hundreds of funny skit possibilities.
    Many of them tend to be about potty humor, because that’s what kids find funny.
    Here are some skits that we think can be told with mixed ages of participants.
    Before the campfire, encourage the skit participants to review the script and practice.
  2. Find a campfire leader
    Ideally find someone who is used to leading groups. Their voice should carry across the space. They should understand the importance of varying the schedule between funny skits, songs and participatory activities.
    Make sure they have a schedule for the campfire with a flashlight so they can see as it gets darker.
  3. Build your campfire
    Always have a bucket of water handy to put out sparks.
  4. Looking for my quarter
    You pretend to be hunting for something on the ground. Your friend asks, “What ARE you looking for?”
    “My quarter,” you say.
    Your friend starts helping you look. More friends join in. Finally, someone asks, “Are you sure you lost it here?”
    “No,” you say. “I lost it on the way to the campfire.”
    “Well, why are you looking for it here?”
    You say, “Because the light is much better.”
  5. Having a light snack
    You turn on a flashlight and begin licking the beam of light with great satisfaction.
    Your friend asks, “What are you doing?”
    You reply, “Oh, I’m just having a light snack.”
  6. 60 Seconds
    Five kids walk in in a line, saying quickly:
    Kid 1: 1
    Kid 2: 2
    Kid 3: 3
    Kid 4: 4
    Kid 5: 5
    They all stand in a line counting one at a time til they get to 60. They all say when they get to 61, “We have just wasted one minute of your time. Thank you.” They bow and exit.
  7. My Royal Papers
    For this skit, you need a variety of paper types, including toilet paper.
    One person is sitting on a chair or log, and they say, “Bring me my royal papers!”
    Another person comes and brings some loose papers.
    The person sitting down says, “Those are NOT my Royal papers” and throws them on the ground. They demand again, “Please, bring me my royal papers!”
    Other people keep bringing up different kinds of paper, and the person on the chair gets more and more impatient. Finally, someone brings the toilet paper roll, and the person says, “FINALLY! My Royal papers!”. They then run offstage in a huff.
  8. I gotta go wee
    A group lies on the ground like they are sleeping in a tent. At one end should be an adult or someone dressed up like an adult.
    One person says, “I gotta go wee.”
    Each person passes the request down the line until it gets to the adult at the end.
    The adult says, “You’ll have to hold it.”
    The kids all pass the answer back down the line.
    The first person says again, “I really gotta go wee.”
    This gets passed down the line again.
    The adult says, “No, go back to sleep.”
    This gets passed back to the first person.
    One more time, the first person says, “But, I REALLY, REALLY gotta go wee.”
    This gets passed down to the adult.
    This time the adult says, “Alright, go then!”
    This gets passed back.
    The first person now stands up and runs around yelling “WEEEEEEEEE!”
  9. Puppy in a box
    Three people are standing on stage. One is holding a large box.
    Person #1: Hi, guys. Would you mind holding onto my box for me while I go in the store?.
    Person #2: Sure. (takes the box and #1 leaves)
    Person #2: Hey, this box is leaking. What is that? (#3 wipes the box bottom with his finger and tastes it.)
    Person #3: Hmmm, tastes like chicken soup.
    Person #2: (takes a taste) Nah, its more like lemon juice.
    (Person #1 returns)
    Person #1: Thanks, guys. Here’s some candy. (He or she takes back the box and reacts when they realize it is wet. He or she opens the top of box and looks in.)
    Person #1: Oh, Fido! Look at the mess you made!