Practice Leave-No-Trace Camping

Learn how to reduce your impact when you are camping.

What You Need

  • Camp stove
  • Trash bags

What You Do

  1. Camping is such a great way to connect with nature – so be sure to protect nature when you are camping
    If you find a campsite that’s already established, use it. If you do set up a new campsite, try to make it where you won’t disturb any plants.
  2. It’s best to cook on a camping stove
    If you do make a campfire, keep it small. If there’s already a fire ring nearby, make your fire there. Always build campfires away from trees, grass, and other plants. Use only small pieces of dead wood found lying on the ground. Before you leave, fill in the fire pit with sand or soil—to leave the spot just as you found it.
  3. If there’s a trail, stay on it
    If you do need to go off the trail, try to step where the surface is hardest and avoid stepping on plants.
  4. Pick up trash you find
    Don’t leave any trash lying around, and pick up anyone else’s trash you find. Remember, “leave-no-trace” camping isn’t just a list of rules—it’s an attitude.