Press and Save Spring Flowers

Child picking flowers

Learn how to press spring flowers and make them last forever.

What You Need

  • Large, heavy books, such as phone directories
  • Clear contact paper (optional)
  • Flowers collected outside
  • Newspaper
  • Paper towels

What You Do

  1. Pick a Bouquet
    On your next walk, gather a handful of spring flowers to press. If you’re not in your own yard, be sure you have permission to collect the blossoms. Flowers that press nicely are violets, bluebells, and creeping phlox. Many trees and shrubs also flower in early spring. Flowers with fewer petals will press better than those with a lot of petals.

    Child picking flowres

  2. Put the Blossoms in the Paper
    Lay the flowers on one half of a paper towel sheet. Fold the other half of the paper towel over the flowers. Place the folded towel inside a section of newspaper that is several pages thick. (The newspaper will absorb moisture from the flowers, preventing it from seeping through to the pages of the book you’ll use for pressing.)
  3. Flatten Flowers With Books
    Sandwich the flowers in folded papers between the pages of a heavy book. Set more books on top. The extra weight will help flatten your flowers even more.
  4. Change the Paper Daily
    After a day, open the book and remove the papers. Carefully transfer the flowers to a new piece of paper towel and fresh newspaper. Then put them back in the book for another day. Repeat this step again the next day. After three days, the flowers should be dry and flat.
  5. Make Crafts With Your Pressings
    You can arrange and glue the pressed flowers on a piece of paper to make nature art, a bookmark, or a card. They can be used to decorate most anything. You may want to cover your finished design with clear contact paper. It will protect the flowers and keep them from falling apart.