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Welcome to your Red Panda coloring page!

You all know about the big, black-and-white giant pandas, right? Well, there’s another amazing panda, but not many people know about it.

It’s called the red panda!

The racoon-sized red panda can be found in forests of the Himalaya Mountains of central Asia.

When visiting red panda forests, you need to look up to spot one of these little creatures because they’re almost always hanging out in the treetops.

For a life up in the trees, they use their short, powerful legs to climb and their cat-like claws to grip the bark.

And get this – even though they mostly eat bamboo, which grows really tall, they can reach the best parts of the plant by climbing high up to nibble fresh shoots.

Winters can be very cold where red pandas live, but they have everything they need to stay warm. Their furry coats hold in almost all of their body heat, and when they sleep, they wrap their bushy tails around their faces to keep extra warm. It’s like they’ve got their own built-in blankets!

You can learn all about red pandas in this fun photo story!

Now it’s time for more fun. Ready to collect your free coloring page?

To start coloring, download the free PDF below and print it out.

Grab your markers, crayons or colored pencils and have fun coloring!

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