Search for Animal Homes

Discover the many different types of animal homes.


  • Animal Homes Hike print-outs
  • Clipboard
  • Pencil or crayon (optional)
  • Sketchbook (optional)
  • Camera (optional)

What You Do

  1. Print out the Animal Homes Hike sheets.
    We offer two print-outs for this hike:

  2. Keep track of which animals homes you find.
    For smaller children, they can check them off on the print-out. If you bring crayons, they could color them in. For older children, they could draw the animal home that they find, or take a photo of it with a camera.
  3. Look at the handiwork of wildlife. Some animal homes take hours of work. If you find a bird’s nest for example, look at all the tiny bits they put together to make it. Do you recognize anything that is man-made?

  4. Keep your Animal Homes print-outs with you when you travel.
    For example, you might not have a wetland close to home. But wetlands are rich with diverse animal homes. So consider bringing your animal homes print-outs the next time you can visit one.