Take Another Look Hike

boy with magnifiying glass

Go for a walk down a familiar path and write down what you find.

What You Need

  • Pad of paper
  • Pencil

What You Do

  1. Decide on a Route
    Before going out, decide upon a route you’ve taken many times before. Sit down with your child and write a list of the things you’ve seen along the route. It could include anything from the flowerbox in front of the pharmacy to your neighbor’s gravel driveway.
  2. Walk and Observe
    Now take your list and walk that way again. Look at it with new, watchful eyes. What do you and your child see that you’ve never noticed before? A dandelion growing out of a stone wall? A cat in the dry cleaner’s window?
  3. Write Down What You See
    Write down the interesting new things you see. Try to double or triple your original list.

    boy with magnifying glass