Make Turkey Placements

Use your handprint to make turkey placemats for your harvest table.

What You Need

  • construction paper
  • contact paper
  • markers
  • tempera paint
  • paintbrush (optional)

What You Do

  1. Make Handprint
    Make sure your work area is well covered. Put a small amount of paint on a plate and spread it around. Let your child dip his or her palm in and press it to a piece of construction paper. Better yet, use a paintbrush to paint on the palms. It gives a nice tickly sensation. Try brushing on different color combinations.
  2. Draw Turkeys
    When the handprints are dry, use a marker to draw on the legs, eyes, and beaks of your turkeys.
  3. Cover Placemat with Contact Paper
    Cover both sides of the paper with clear contact paper. Now you are ready to use the placemat for dinner. Make an entire set for the family!2 turkey placemat