Turtle Tub Toy

turtle tub toy

Turn a plastic lid into a fun tub toy!

What You Need

  • Brown, yellow, and green craft foam
  • Turtle toy pattern
  • Plastic coffee can lid
  • Sharp skewer to punch holes
  • 5 twist ties

What You Do

  1. Download, Print, and Cut Out Pattern
    Download and print the turtle toy pattern. Cut head, front legs, and back legs out of brown craft foam.turtle tub toy pattern
  2. Punch Holes
    • Punch holes on the head and four legs as shown on the pattern.
    • Punch holes through the coffee lid to match up with the holes on the head and legs.
  3. Attach Head and Legs
    Attach head and legs to coffee lid with twisty ties.
  4. Decorate Turtle
    Cover holes and decorate with the shapes you cut out of yellow and green craft foam.turtle tub toy