Windy-Day Activities

Whoosh! Look what the wind blew in—three windy-day activities that are fun for the whole family.

#1: Get Wowed by Clouds

Lie down and look up at the clouds. Are they wispy or fluffy, lumpy or puffy? Moving fast or moving slowly? Up high or down low?

Switch on your imaginations and you may even see animal shapes, letters of the alphabet, or other pictures in the clouds.

To learn the names of different kinds of clouds, check your library for The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola or other books about weather.


#2: Discover Which Way the Wind Blows

On a breezy day, take a container of soap bubbles outside. Have your child stand in one spot and slowly turn in a circle while blowing bubbles. When the bubbles drift straight out in front of your child, that means the wind is coming from directly behind you.

Now have your child turn around to face into the wind. Do the two of you see clouds, rain, or blue sky in that direction? Whatever weather you see, the wind will probably bring it your way soon!


#3: Fly a Kite

There are lots of ways to fly a kite. If your family doesn’t have a favorite method already, try this one:

  1. Find an open area with no trees or power lines nearby.
  2. Stand with your back to the wind while you hold the spool of kite string.
  3. Have your child face you, holding the kite. Back up until you are about 20 feet from your child.
  4. When a gust of wind comes, have your child toss the kite into the air while you jog backward to help the kite lift off.
  5. Take turns holding the spool, Tug on the string when the kite is sailing upward to make it go faster. If it starts to plunge down, let out some string until the wind catches it again.
  6. When you’re ready to land the kite, slowly wind in the string. Catch the kite before it hits the ground.


CRAFT:  Make a high-flying kite!