Winter Evergreen Decoration

winter evergreen

For centuries, people have cut evergreens during winter and used them to decorate their homes. These living greens remind us that spring will come again. Here’s how to collect and display your own greens.

What You Need

  • Potato or apple
  • Pruners
  • Red ribbon

What You Do

  1. Find and Cut Greens
    • Be sure you have permission to cut the greens before you set out. Some evergreens that work well include pines, junipers, cedars, firs, japonicas, azaleas, hollies, magnolias, and boxwoods.
    • Use scissors or pruners to cut an armful of evergreen boughs. Soak the stems in water overnight so they will absorb lots of water and keep longer.
  2. Display Your Greens
    Lay the greens in windowsills and across mantels, or place them in vases of water. Don’t put greens near heat sources. They will dry out quickly and could pose a fire risk.
  3. Make a Kissing Ball
    Use a round potato or an apple as the base. (The moisture in the root—or fruit—will help keep the greens fresh.) Stick stems of three-inch greens that have soaked in water overnight into the base until it is covered. Tie a ribbon around it and hang. Anyone who stands under the ball gets a kiss!winter evergreen