Stegosaurs: Do Not Touch


Stegosaurs are a group of plant-eating dinosaurs. They walked on all fours, with hind legs that were longer than their front legs. They had small heads and toothless beaks. But their most interesting features were their plates and spikes. Stegosaurs had a double row of bony plates and/or spikes that ran from their necks down to their tails. Some even poked out from their shoulders or hips!
Stegosaurs lived in the Jurassic and early Cretaceous periods between 165 and 125 million years ago. Fossils of stegosaurs have mostly been found in North America and China, though some have also been dug up in Europe and Africa.

Plates and Spikes
Stegosaurs could have different combinations and shapes of spikes and plates. Stegosaurus had 17 tall triangular plates that ran in two rows along its spine, and four tail spikes that pointed outward from the sides.