• Pages 4&5 of Zootles Penguins showing the birds on an icy shore with birds flying nearby and fish and a seal in the water.
    Animal Stories

    In Black and White

    Penguins are famous for their “tuxedos,” but their striking black-and-white suits do more than just make the birds look good.
  • Pages 2&3 from Zootles Penguins emphasizing penguin body parts and penguin motion.
    Animal Stories

    Water Birds

    Birds that “fly” underwater have body features that are often opposite to birds that fly in the air.

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For Ages 4 to 7

Each Zootles showcases a particular species, overflowing with rich illustration, colorful photos, and early learning concepts such as up/down, letters, or numbers. Enjoy the story, poetry, and cartoons too!

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