Pages 4&5 of Zootles Penguins showing the birds on an icy shore with birds flying nearby and fish and a seal in the water.

In Black and White


Penguins are famous for their “tuxedos,” but their striking black-and-white suits do more than just make the birds look good. The colors of a penguin’s feathers make it hard for enemies such as leopard seals, sea lions, sharks, and killer whales to spot them in the water.


Which animals have their fronts toward you? Can you point to an animal that has its back toward you?


Can you find 7 penguins on the ice? How many birds can you count in the sky? How many fish do you see in the water?

A predator swimming below a penguin can’t see the bird’s white underside against the bright sky above.

A predator swimming above a penguin can’t see the bird’s black back against the dark water below.