Be a Box Turtle’s Best Friend

This turtle comes wrapped in its very own box!

  • In the fall, watch for box turtles
    heading for cover, where they’ll bury
    themselves under leaves or in soft
    soil. In spring, watch for them coming
    out of hibernation and searching for
    food and places to lay eggs.

  • Keep an eye out when mowing
    lawns. Many young turtles fall victim to
    the sharp blades.

  • If you see a box turtle crossing a
    road, move it to the other side in the
    same direction it was facing—ONLY IF

  • Don’t “rescue” a box turtle by taking
    it to a new place. Box turtles know
    only their own home areas, which are
    very small.

  • Never keep a box turtle as a pet.
    Too many have been collected and
    sold as pets, and there are fewer in
    the wild than there once were.