October 2023

English Parent Reading Guide

Oct 2023 RR JR Cover - sea otterDear Parents and Guardians:

As the calendar turns to October, pumpkins and Halloween come to mind for many people. In Ranger Rick Jr. this month, you’ll see how zoo animals enjoy pumpkins, and you’ll go on a Halloween adventure with Ricky and his pals.

ghost hunt words

On pages 12–15, Ricky Raccoon, Bizzie Beaver, Flora, and Sammy Skunk decide to visit a haunted cave the night after Halloween. As you look at the picture on page 12, ask your child to point to the candy the friends collected the night before. Would your child like to join the pals at the picnic table?

Use your scary voice while reading about haunted houses and ghosts flying out of a haunted cave. Ask if your child would want to go with the friends to the cave. What does your child think might fly out of a cave at night?

On page 14, read with a frightened voice “‘What was that?’ whispered Bizzie, starting to panic.” After finishing the story on page 15, ask your child what the friends saw coming from the cave.

After sharing the story, scan the QR Code to listen to and watch a Halloween song about animals that are active at night.

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The story on pages 16–21 is about the different ways zoo animals enjoy pumpkins in the month of October. Before you read the story, look at the photos and ask your child to name each of the animals. Which animal does your child think is having the most fun? Watch more zoo animals enjoying pumpkins by scanning the QR Code on page 18.

Enjoy reading Ranger Rick Jr. together.

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