Leafy Lookalikes

By Hannah Schardt

Wait a minute. Isn’t this supposed to be a magazine about ANIMALS? So, what’s with all these pictures of leaves?

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If you take a good look, you’ll figure it out pretty quickly: There’s an animal hidden in each of these photos. Each animal has a body with just the right color, pattern, and shape to help it blend in with a leafy plant.

When you’re a small animal, bigger animals are always looking to make a meal of you. So, the best way to survive is to not be noticed at all. For many animals, that means matching the plants that grow where they live.

Many leafy lookalikes also act like leaves. They may spend a lot of time staying as still as possible. Or they may bob and sway like leaves waving in the wind. And, when spooked, they may flutter gently to the forest floor—just like leaves. That way, even if a hungry predator notices the movement, it may mistake the insect for a not-so-tasty leaf—and will leaf it alone! How good are you at spotting hidden critters? Keep reading and find out!

Tap image for a closer look.
Tap image for a closer look.
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