Boning up on Vultures

Get to know these “garbage cans with wings”! Looking quickly, you might think this Rüppell’s griffon vulture has a pretty red head. But take a closer look, and—yuck!—that’s blood from its latest feast! Vultures are well known for their choice in meals. Rotten meat, bones, fur. . .nothing is left off their menu. Hungry for more details? Then read on!

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Bizarre Birds

Huh? Did a beach umbrella get blown in to the water? Nope, that’s a bird—but one that happens to be way beyond average! The Darth Vader look-alike is a black heron of Africa. And the heron’s cloaked pose is a fishing trick: Those wrap-around wings shade the water from the bright sun. That might help the bird see its underwater prey. Even better, it might attract prey looking for a cool spot.