Felt Frog Friend

Felt Frog Friend

Make a frog friend out of felt that won’t hop away when you take it out to play!

What You Need

  • chalk
  • fiberfill or cotton balls
  • felt squares
  • craft glue
  • 2 googly eyes
  • red card stock or construction paper
  • paper clips
  • Frog Friend pattern 
  • 2 large pom-poms
  • scissors

What You Do

  1. Download and Cut Out Pattern
    Download the Frog Friend pattern. Cut out two Frog Body shapes.
  2. Make Frog’s Body
    Glue the pieces of felt together along the edges to make your frog’s body. Leave the area between the frog’s front legs unglued.
  3. Stuff Frog
    Stuff the frog’s belly with fiberfill or cotton balls.
  4. Make Frog’s Mouth
    Cut a 2 ½ x 3 ½ inch oval out of red card stock. (See pattern.) Fold the oval in half and apply glue along the outside edge. Place oval between the frog’s two front legs to make the frog’s mouth. Hold the mouth in place with paper clips until the glue dries.
  5. Make Frog’s Eyes
    Glue two pom-poms on the top of the frog’s head to make eyes. Glue a googly eye on the front of each pom-pom.