Play “Go Fish!” Game

Go Fish Game

Take turns reeling in matching colors, letters, and numbers in this simple fishing game.


What You Need

  • 10 index cards
  • round magnet (the kind with a hole in the middle)
  • construction paper (different colors)
  • paper clips
  • fish pattern
  • piece of blue poster board
  • stick
  • 2′ string

What You Do

  1. go fishDownload and Print the Pattern
    Download and print the fish pattern.
  2. Make the “Pond”
    Cut the poster board to look like a pond.
  3. Make the “Fishing Pole”
    Tie the string to the stick. Tie the magnet to the other end of the string.
  4. Cut Out Fish
    Cut 10 fish out of construction paper using the pattern. Put a paper clip on each fish.
  5. Write on Index Cards
    Write a different number on each fish, and put all the fish in the pond. Write the corresponding words for those numbers on the index cards.
  6. Play the Game
    Take turns picking an index card. Then they use the fishing pole to “fish” for the corresponding number.

    • NOTE: You can write letters, colors, or other words on the cards and fish. The matching game remains the same.


Go Fish Craft Game


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