Observe Frogs

Springtime is frog time! Ready for some froggy adventures? Let’s hop to it!


What You Do

Listen Up.

Sneak Close.
Hearing frogs is easy, but, if you want to see frogs, you have to be sly.

  • Quietly approach a place where you’ve heard frogs calling. If the frogs sense you coming, they’ll each jump into the water with a splash. But if you stay still, they’ll probably pop back up in a few minutes. Then you can get a good look.

Check Back.
All that calling is about one thing: making more frogs.  So be sure to look for eggs and tadpoles, too. First you’ll see jelly-like clumps of eggs in the water.

Later, look for little tadpoles swimming around. Come back every few days and you can watch as the tadpoles lose their tails, grow legs, and leap away as adult frogs!