Piggy Note Holder

Piggy note holder

This helpful little piggy note holder will make sure you never forget anything!

What You Need

  • Pink card stock
  • Clip clothespin
  • Black crayon
  • Tacky glue
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Magnet
  • 2 pink pipe cleaners
  • Scissors

What You Do

  1. Make Head and Body
    Cut two circles out of the pink card stock for the pig’s head and body. Cut two small triangles for ears. Glue the head and body together. Then glue on ears.
  2. Cut Pipe Cleaners
    Cut one pipe cleaner in half to make the snout and tail. Cut two 2″ pieces from the other pipe cleaner for the legs.
  3. Add Tail, Snout, and Legs
    Curl each piece of pipe cleaner tightly around a pencil to make a corkscrew shape. Glue the tail, snout, legs, and googly eyes on the pig. Let dry.
  4. Add Eyes, Mouth, and Ears
    Glue two googly eyes on the pig. Draw on a mouth and ears with the crayon.
  5. Attach Clothespin and Magnet
    Glue the clothespin on the back of the page. Then glue the magnet to the clothespin.

    Piggy note holder