Snowflake Painting

No snow? No problem! With just a sponge, cereal box, and some paint, you can create this beautiful snowflake scene.


  • empty cereral box
  • tempera paint
  • white construction paper
  • kitchen sponge


What You Do


  1. Cut the snowflakes.
    Use the pattern to cut four snowflakes out of the cereal box. Place the snowflakes on a sheet of white paper.

  2.  Cut the sponge.
    Cut the sponge into 1″ wide strips.

  3. Paint the snowflakes.
    Dip the sponges into the paint and use them to dab paint on the paper. (Be careful not to use too much paint.)
  4. Remove the snowflakes.
    After the paint dries, remove the snowflakes from the paper.