March 2024

English Parent Reading Guide

Hippo eating grassDear Parents and Guardians:

Use your smartphone to scan the QR Codes found in each Ranger Rick Jr. magazine. The QR codes will extend your child’s learning beyond the printed page—and it is fun!

Here are QR Code examples from the March issue:

Page 2          View drawings made by other children. After turning to pages 6–11, try drawing a hippo.

Page 5          Learn that “orangutan” means “person of the forest”.

Page 7          “Hank the Hippo” invites you into his world.

Page 19        Shows animal eggs other than the familiar chicken egg we eat for breakfast.

Page 29        Watch bighorn sheep fight by butting horns.

Back Cover   Discover why the hares are boxing.

Guess Who I Am text

bighorn sheepThe guessing game on pages 26-29 is about a mountain animal. On page 26, read about the bluebird, pine marten and coyote that also live in mountain areas. Then look at the illustrations on page 27 that describe a mystery animal.

Can you and your child name the animal before looking at page 28-29?

Playing guessing games and using the internet can enhance the time you spend reading with your child.

Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.