10 Easy Fish Crafts for Kids

10 fish crafts

Kids of all ages will love these fun and easy fish crafts! Check out this roundup of 10 activitiesthen get creative this summer! 🐟 🐠 


Craft #1: Make a Handprint Fish 

Use your handprint and some sequins to create this fish in a bowl. 

handprint fish craft


Craft #2: Make Fish Bean Bags 

Turn old socks into fish bean bags for a game of catch!

fish bean bag craft


Craft #3: Make Recycled Bottle Fish 

With just a plastic bottle or two, you can add a touch of the tropics to your room!

bottle fish craft


Craft #4: Make a Shark Hat 

You’ll look “jawsome” wearing this toothy shark hat!

shark hat craft


Craft #5: Make Jar-Lid Fish 

Recycle jar lids to make a colorful school of fish.

jar lid fish craft


Craft #6: Create Seahorse Art 

Make an underwater seahorse scene using scraps of paper and yarn. 

seahorse craft


Craft #7: Make Clownfish from Seashells 

Create an espe-SHELL-y fun work of art with treasures you find at the beach. 

clownfish seashells


Craft #8: Play “Go Fish!” 

Take turns reeling in matching colors, letters, and numbers in this simple fishing game.

Go Fish Game


Craft #9: Paint Fish on Rocks 

Turn simple stones into a showy school of fish. 

rock fish craft


Craft #10: Make Fishy Sea Snacks 

You’ll dive into snack time when THIS seafood is on the menu! 

fish recipes